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Our event isn’t just fun; it’s for a good cause too!  We ask each participant to fundraise prior to the event, as all net proceeds raised go to support our four cause partners: Cambodian organizations working to protect children and end human trafficking.  Why is this important?  Read on to find out why these causes need our support!

Understanding Poverty

Poverty is often the result of systemic, historical practices which over time become institutionalized and embedded within a country’s framework.  Breaking the cycle of poverty requires long-term commitment and engagement; changing mindsets and opinions; breaking down barriers; and partnership between non-governmental organizations, governments, and civil society organizations.  That’s exactly what the Angkor Wat Bike4Kids! Event does, by bringing together government agencies like the National Olympic Committee, our charitable cause partners, and socially-minded corporate sponsors, we spread awareness and fund action to be taken at a grassroots level.

Understanding Trafficking

Trafficking occurs because there is a demand for cheap, unremunerated human labour.  Impoverished persons are often tricked into thinking a lucrative job awaits them, only to become an indentured labourer.  Still others may be sold by their guardians, desperate for the income (however slight) it provides.  Once in a situation of slavery, people are unable to escape; their passports are taken from they, they can’t afford to buy their freedom, their lives and those of their family’s threatened.  Ending trafficking in human persons requires changing attitudes about the value of human life; addressing supply and demand; and lifting people out of poverty.

The Cambodian Center for the Protection of Children’s Rights, Our Cause Partner

The CCPCR is a Cambodian non-governmental organization that seeks to eliminate all forms of violence against children and youth, including child labor, trafficking, sexual abuse and commercial sexual exploitation.  Founded in 1994 by a group of Cambodian professionals, the CCPCR was one of the first local NGOs to address child protection.  For twenty years the organization has been dedicated to the intervention, rehabilitation, and reintegration of child survivors of violence, trafficking, and abuse.  They also advocate for child rights, and seek to prevent future injustices through increasing education to at-risk communities, providing life skills training, and implementing strategies to reduce poverty.

Proceeds from Angkor Wat Bike4Kids! in years’ past have helped support CCPCR’s Phnom Penh Anti-Trafficking Safehouse, by providing funds to:

  • Shelter up to 100 children who are survivors of human trafficking, child labour, and domestic violence
  • Reintegrate clients with their families and/or communities
  • Construct a new playground and vegetable garden
  • Paint the classrooms and library, and install curtain rods and curtains in 2 bedrooms
  • Upgrade the computer lab with 4 new PCs and software
  • Take the children on a 3-day excursion to the beach
  • Provide twice-weekly resilience classes and specialized group therapy classes on anger management for children from violent homes
  • Provide daily English and computer lessons

www.ccpcr.org.kh  /  www.facebook.com/theccpcr

Il Nodo, our Cause Partner

Il Nodo is an Italian non-governmental organization, founded by a mother-father-daughter team, with the goal of providing autonomy, economic independence, a sense of responsibility, and a sense of commitment to Cambodia’s children and youth.  It does this by implementing various projects around the country, including: the “My Own Hands” Social Design School, and the “Helping Children Living with Parents in Prison” Project.

“My Own Hands” Social Design School

In 2009 Il Nodo set up the Bottega dell’Arte, a ‘Social Design School’, where disadvantaged students come to join the “My Own Hands” project, a 2-year training program in artisanship and silversmith design.  Silversmith masters from Kompong Luong, the ‘silver village’, teach the basics of metal working to the students.  Students also attend Drawing Lessons, and a Small Business Management Course.  The students learn not only the manual skills of silversmithing, but also artistic creativity and how to craft beautiful designs, which makes this project unique among vocational training programs.

Proceeds from Angkor Wat Bike4Kids! in years’ past have helped:

  • Fund nine apprentices to participate in the silversmith training program full-time, providing each student with a daily per diem and a meal
  • Establish a small business employing graduated apprentices, to produce jewellery and silverwork  for  both local and international markets

Helping Children Living with Parents in Prison

In Cambodia, parents sentenced to jail may have no alternative but to take their children along with them to prison.  There are innocent children born and growing up in prisons in Cambodia.  Il Nodo’s “Helping Children Living with Parents in Prison” project aims to provide support to these children, to ensure they live as close to a normal life as possible.  The project also supports pregnant women, ensuring they have access to pre- and post-natal services.

Proceeds from Angkor Wat Bike4Kids! in years’ past have helped:

  • support a total of 130 children and their mothers, and 38 pregnant detainees
  • provide for all their basic needs, including: monthly food and cleaning products’ deliveries; periodic health care visits; safe birthing in hospital for pregnant women and vaccinations for newborns; clean and private women- and children-only toilets; and basic education for school-age children.
  • train three prison playroom attendants in early childhood education and play-based learning, so that they are better equipped to develop young minds and bodies

www.ilnodoonlus.org  /  www.facebook.com/ilnodocambodia


Cambodian Women’s Crisis Center

CWCC works to empower vulnerable women and girls through three strategic programs: prevention, protection and advocacy. With a need for service delivery to victims of violence against women, such as trafficking, sexual abuse (rape) and domestic violence, CWCC established three safehouses in Phnom Penh, Banteay Mean Chey and Siem Reap.  They provide protection and legal assistance to girls and female victims of violence, and facilitate their recovery and reintegration to the community.

Proceeds from Angkor Wat Bike4Kids! in years’ past have helped:

  • drastically improved the psychological and legal services to women and children physically and/or sexually abused, particularly survivors of sex trafficking
  • arrested 150 suspected traffickers and/or abusers
  • resulted in 60 guilty verdicts requiring jail time


Action Pour Les Enfants

APLE is the only NGO in Cambodia that focuses on street-based child exploitation, and their goals are three-fold.  First, APLE prevents sexual abuse and exploitation through awareness-raising, education, capacity-building, and information dissemination.  Secondly, APLE protects children and adults from sexual abuse and exploitation through the provision of social, psychological and rehabilitative support and legal assistance. Finally, APLE promotes the prosecution of all child sex offenders by collaborating with law enforcement to investigate persons who commit sexual abuse against children and bring them to legal accountability.


2013 was our first year partnering with APLE.  Proceeds from Angkor Wat Bike4Kids! were anticipated to help:

  • To provide at least 381 children and their families with social support
  • To provide at least 387 survivors of child sexual abuse and their families with legal support
  • To investigate at least 120 cases of street-based exploitation
  • To deliver awareness-training to 900 communities
  • To arrest at least 30 offenders through APLE-initiated cases
  • To train 25 police officers and 45 NGO personnel on child rights/child protection, investigative techniques into child sexual abuse and exploitation, and how to intervene in situations of exploitation
  • Reach at least 25% of Cambodian population (about 1.5 million people) through TV broadcasting of APLE’s educational spots and from information circulation + Tuk-Tuk campaigns

www.aplecambodia.org  /  www.facebook.com/aple.cambodia  /  @PROTECTCambodia


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